Research-wise, I am a computer scientist with a tendency to mathematics who ended up in logic. My research can be placed in proof theory, but I am more interested in structural proof theory, automated deduction and logical frameworks. I try to make everything converge to the use of logic and proofs for developing correct software.

You can find a list of publications here and talks here. I like that my projects are accompanied by a software development, some of which can be seen here. Scientific events I have participated are listed below.

Organization committee:

  • EPS 2017 (Encyclopedia of Proof Systems Workshop)
  • IJCAR 2014 (International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning)

Program Committee member:

  • LICS 2018 (Logic in Computer Science)
  • SD 2017 (Structures and Deduction Workshop)
  • Tableaux 2017
  • LSFA 2017 (Logical and Semantic Framework with Applications)
  • POPL 2017 (Artifact Evaluation Committee)
  • ARQNL 2016 (Automated Reasoning on Quantified Non-classical Logic)
  • CMSB 2016 (Computational Methods in Systems Biology) – Tool evaluation
  • Linearity 2016
  • LSFA 2016 (Logical and Semantic Framework with Applications)
  • LFMTP 2015 (Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages: Theory and Practice)


  • CADE 2017 (International Conference on Automated Deduction)
  • FSCD 2016 (Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction)
  • IJCAR 2016 (International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning)
  • LICS 2016 (Logic in Computer Science)
  • TYPES 2016
  • ICALP 2015 (International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming)
  • WoF 2015 (Workshop on Focusing)
  • RTA-TLCA 2014 (Rewriting Techniques and Applications and Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications)
  • ∀X.Xπ 2014 (All about proofs, proofs for all)